Our Focus

How can we serve the needs of patients and help you grow your business

Medical office buildings are unique.  They are unlike any other type of commercial real estate. Most multi-tenant
commercial properties are diversified, consisting of different tenants, each with their own focus and set of priorities and with varied customers.  These tenants, for the most
part, are narrowly focused on their own particular business.

Medical office tenants however, together with the hospital at-large, share a common mission - to serve the
needs of patients and their families. While each physician may have their own specialty or area of focus, the "customers" all have something in common:  They are patients
in need of some kind of care.

At PMB Real Estate Services, we recognize the special needs of medical buildings and their guests.  We understand the need to work together to
create a warm and welcoming environment for patients that works to the best interest of all the building stakeholders.  Our team members focus their attention on working with
hospitals, medical groups, physicians and their employees to build a better sense of community on all of our campuses.  Your feedback is important. Help us identify how we can
improve our services to better serve the needs of patients and help you grow your business.

The most successful commercial projects, whether they're office buildings,
neighborhood retail centers or major shopping centers, capture the value of a synergistic tenant mix.  Grouping compatible and symbiotic tenant uses at a property generates
opportunity and creates value for everyone. It's certainly true for medical office buildings. Let us find opportunities at your property and help you be more successful.