Property Management

We view our property managers as the general managers of their portfolios. As such, they are responsible for every element of the property performance. Our managers are uniquely qualified to meet the complex needs of institutional owners of medical office building investments and our clients and partners.

Because managing medical office buildings is our only business, we draw upon years of experience to identify and focus on the individual goals of our client partners. Working with the healthcare system or hospital, we devise a strategy that unlocks needed capital, frees executives to focus on core operations, and helps the organizations and its stakeholders realize its fullest financial potential.

Let PMB Real Estate Services team analyze the impact of your real estate decisions from a variety of health care perspective including: patient services, physician and practice needs, hospital objectives and their long-term facility requirements, property operating performance and overall financial viability. Let PMB apply its experience-based and resource-backed solutions to your medical real estate needs.

PMB Real Estate Services partners with
our healthcare clients to deliver safe, efficient and best-in-class service to our clients and partners.

Property Management Services offered:

  • Business plan and budget development
  • Oversight of all aspects of property performance
  • Relationships & retention strategies
  • Vendor contracting and management
  • Engineering services
  • Regulation compliance
  • Regular inspections and preventative maintenance plans
  • Management of tenant receivables
  • Tenant insurance administration