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PMB Real Estate Services LLC (PMB RES) is a leading provider of medical office building (MOB) and healthcare real estate services in the western United States. From Vancouver, Washington to Austin, Texas (and most places in between) PMB RES manages and leases 4.4 million square feet of MOB space.

We have 11 offices throughout the western United States including our headquarters in Solana Beach, California. Since its inception the Company has partnered with a broad spectrum of clients including hospital systems, universities and industry leading institutional organizations.

With increasingly sophisticated services moving from acute care hospitals to MOBs, there is a need for specialized property management capabilities. PMB RES meets those needs and achieves the highest standards with our level of service. With specialized tenants and healthcare providers as the focus, our personalized property management approach relies on the use of focused, key processes throughout the organization.

We are relentless in our drive to maximize operational efficiency of our teams in order to optimize the useful lives of each asset.