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Theodore Roosevelt said, “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

At PMB RES we strive to create and foster a “culture of caring”  that begins with our employees and encompasses every campus we manage.  Our culture of caring includes everyone at PMB RES.

From our employees to our owners, the hospitals, our tenants, their patients and anyone who passes through our hallways, we approach every relationship with gratitude and a sense of collaboration. How can we help?

As managers we are committed to serving our tenants and supporting a space where they can freely and easily provide healthcare and healing.  We don’t just focus on the physical walls of the buildings.  Within those walls we work with our tenants to provide a welcoming environment where patients feel comfortable and safe. After all, does anyone really want to visit a medical office building? At PMB RES, we work to foster a culture of caring so that our tenants can focus on what matters: healthCARE.

With “care” at our core, PMB RES has fostered a culture among our employees where we support one another in the pursuit of our purpose.  We focus on everyone on our team, recognizing their strengths and providing them with opportunities to do their best work.