Nani Kahananui

Director, Corporate Account & Admin

Nani Kahananui

Director, Corp Acct & Admin

Nani started with PMB Real Estate Services in 2005 and now manages the corporate accounting functions of the company.  Nani brings a calm demeanor to stressful times and is dedicated to streamlining processes and finding efficiencies.

Nani has a broad knowledge of the company and how it operates and has been instrumental in moving the company forward.  She manages banking, payroll and benefit reporting, payable processing, expense allocations, corporate budgeting, corporate financial reporting, and so much more.

Nani received her Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Brigham Young University-Hawaii.

Life is about human connection and positive energy. The work always gets done, but more importantly it’s about the people we connect with every day.

It’s entirely possible that Nani alphabetizes her cooking spices and her organizational skills are only out-matched by Marie Kondo.